[uf-discuss] OPML is the "next killer app"

Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
Mon May 8 00:29:35 PDT 2006

Steve Rubel writes:

'Like RSS and tagging, over the next several years OPML is going to
become a core underlying technology for marketers in the conversation
economy. Let's de-geek it.

'OPML, short for outline processor markup language, is basically an
XML file organized in an outline format. One way it is used is for
creating portable lists of RSS feeds that they can be easily shared.
For example, if you're a Bloglines user and you hit
Bloglines.com/export and save the OPML file to your computer you can
re-import this file in any other desktop or web-based reader and all
your feeds will carry over. There's more though. The real value in
OPML is in sharing these files in "reading lists."'


I think it's really time that we started having some awesome examples
of microformats in use. Building this kind of thing with XOXO and XFN
would be trivial -- and in fact there's already a dirth of WordPress
blogs from which to pull this information.

Sorry if I sound alarmist, but I feel fairly indignant that we don't
have more success stories of "practical microformats" in use and why
they matter. I'm asked far too often "well, I've heard of microformats
but why should I implement them when I don't really see any benefit or
examples of use".

I need solid answers to this, and not just the ability to download a
bunch of vcards from a webpage. We've shone that that idea is cool and
of value, but now we absolutely must go beyond that and start building
the tools that will define the next generation "killer apps".


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