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Tantek Ç elik tantek at
Mon May 8 01:13:45 PDT 2006

On 5/8/06 12:29 AM, "Chris Messina" <chris.messina at> wrote:

> Steve Rubel writes:
> 'Like RSS and tagging, over the next several years OPML is going to
> become a core underlying technology for marketers in the conversation
> economy. Let's de-geek it.
> 'OPML, short for outline processor markup language, is basically an
> XML file organized in an outline format. One way it is used is for
> creating portable lists of RSS feeds that they can be easily shared.
> For example, if you're a Bloglines user and you hit
> and save the OPML file to your computer you can
> re-import this file in any other desktop or web-based reader and all
> your feeds will carry over. There's more though. The real value in
> OPML is in sharing these files in "reading lists."'


A general discussion of OPML is offtopic for the microformats discuss list,
unless you're specifically discussing XOXO <-> OPML interoperability.

As this is starting to sound like an "us vs. them" thread, I want to
terminate that aspect of it right here and right now.

Microformats are succeeding because we are focusing on making them easy to
use and useful in their own right, not because they are attempting to
overtly compete with other efforts.



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