[uf-discuss] awesome examples of microformats, faqs

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Mon May 8 01:29:45 PDT 2006

I've split this half of Chris's message into a separate thread because I
think he raises some good points.

On 5/8/06 12:29 AM, "Chris Messina" <chris.messina at gmail.com> wrote:

> I think it's really time that we started having some awesome examples
> of microformats in use.

Chris, check out the "Implementations" and "Examples in the Wild" sections
of the specifications -- there are tons of awesome examples of microformats
in use.

Perhaps what we need is a better summary or navigability of this
information, because if you have the (seemingly inaccurate) impression that
we need to "start" having examples, then clearly others may as well.

The lack of awesome examples and implementations is not the problem.
We could always use more of course.

> Building this kind of thing with XOXO and XFN
> would be trivial 

Indeed, and folks have been doing so for quite some time, as you point out:

> -- and in fact there's already a dirth of WordPress

(I think you meant "wealth of WordPress",  "dearth" means "scarce supply".)

> blogs from which to pull this information.

Indeed.  WordPress has been publishing XOXO+XFN blogrolls for quite some

> Sorry if I sound alarmist, but I feel fairly indignant that we don't
> have more success stories of "practical microformats" in use and why
> they matter.

The stories are right there, linked directly from the specs, you just need
to take the time to click on them and read through.

Perhaps if you could be more specific about a particular microformat that
you wish to see more of, that might help.

> I'm asked far too often "well, I've heard of microformats
> but why should I implement them when I don't really see any benefit or
> examples of use".

Each microformat has its own benefits and uses.  That's the key here.

It's easy to explain the numerous benefits of using hCards for example, but
its benefits are different from rel-tag or rel-license.

It would also be interesting to know what types of people are asking you
about benefits or examples of use.

Have you tried walking them through the numerous Examples in the Wild
documented on the wiki?

Perhaps you can suggest wording for a few FAQs that reflect what you
yourself have been asked "far too often", and we can add them to the
microformats FAQ in order to help quickly answer these questions in the



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