[uf-discuss] Re: Sanity check on hCard usage

Chris Casciano chris at placenamehere.com
Wed May 24 10:07:44 PDT 2006

On May 24, 2006, at 12:35 PM, Scott Reynen wrote:

> On May 24, 2006, at 11:11 AM, John Panzer wrote:
>> Is this useful enough to mark up as an hcard? There's not much you 
>> can do with the nickname without more context except display it.
> When I get an email or IM from someone I've previously known only as 
> nickname on some website, I generally create a new vcard for them so 
> I'll know who they are the next time they contact me.  If I already 
> had a vcard with their nickname already in it, this would save me one 
> step.  I'd say hcards are useful for any person or organization 
> someone might conceivably want to contact.  Whether or not that 
> usefulness is worth the trouble of marking it up as an hcard will 
> depend on your context of course, but it's usually a quick task to add 
> a few class names to a dynamic system.
> Peace,
> Scott

yes, it very much depends on context.. but it also depends on the 
nickname actually being used.

Could be useful...

<span class="fn">ChattingChuck</span>
<span class="fn">pnhChris</span>
<span class="fn">jpanzer</span>

Probably not useful...

<span class="fn">Chris</span>
<span class="fn">Admin</span>
<span class="fn">Anonymous</span>

All of the above could be pulling form the same field (e.g. wordpress 
user or commenter nick) but they vary quite a bit in usefulness on 

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