[uf-discuss] Addressing bits of information

Ben Ward lists at ben-ward.co.uk
Thu May 25 10:00:44 PDT 2006

Tantek Çelik wrote:
> But discussions of extending URL/URI semantics for addressing bits of
> information?  I'm not sure that actually has much bearing on parsing
> microformats.  But like I said, perhaps I am missing something.

I don't know if my interpretation brings this on topic or just clarifies 
(or confuses…) but the problem as I understand it, is exemplified like so:

I have a page listing 12 events using hCalendar. None of the hevent 
nodes have an ID and therefore cannot be referenced through fragments. 
However, I want to pass one of these events to a web service (say a 
Technorati pipe to generate an ICS file for the specific event). There's 
no way to do that.

Same thing with a page containing multiple hCards.

However, I honestly think that this problem is best solved by 
emphasising the need/benefit of putting IDs on vcard/vevent nodes, 
rather than inventing/adopting something more complex. Personally, I 
wouldn't think it unreasonable to have 'microformats must have an ID' as 
part of each spec.

I don't think we should overcomplicate the issue with talk of technology 
like XPointer or Selectors which are unimplemented in the areas needed 
to 'fix' this.


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