[uf-discuss] hReview for bugs, and hAtom for comments

Geoffrey Sneddon foolistbar at googlemail.com
Tue May 30 12:01:09 PDT 2006


I'm Geoffrey Sneddon <http://geoffers.uni.cc/>, a 14 year old Martian  
from Pluto (well, actually, from Scotland, but that's far too  
credible) and I've "been working with the web (almost) since the day  
he was born." [Ryan Parman].

For those of you who haven't heard in IRC what I'm currently working  
on, here's a brief summary: I'm working on a bug tracking  
application, in PHP, written from the ground up to be both accessible  
and usable, for the simple reasons that (IMO) people will be more  
likely to report a bug if it is easy to do so, and easy to understand  
what to do on the site.

I've got a static version of the bug page, which has all the  
microformat goodness at http://geoffers.dotgeek.org/fbug/bug.html.  
The styling most certainly isn't final, and everything from the "Post  
A Comment" down is pretty much just there so I don't forget what I  
want on the page; however, the rest of the HTML shouldn't change  
massively. Anybody got any comments on it?

- Geoffrey Sneddon

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