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Justin Thorp juth at loc.gov
Wed Nov 1 10:38:31 PST 2006

Why does an action or todo microformat have to be something that you do on the page?   Maybe I want to pull the ToDo out of the page and put it on my 30Boxes ToDo list or Outlook or something.

You should be able to nest an hCard inside of a ToDo.

I can see this type of microformat being helpful in a situation where I have information for a rock concert but I have to buy the tickets for the rock concert.  

So while the event information is marked up in an hCalendar that I can download, there is also a ToDo marked up that tells me to buy a ticket and where I can buy it.  I could grab this info and import into my ToDo list.

Justin Thorp

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>>> rob at sanchothefat.com 11/01/06 1:10 PM >>>
Scott Reynen wrote:
> On Nov 1, 2006, at 10:35 AM, Joel Selvadurai wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm new here so forgive me for mentioning something which may have
>> come up before.
>> I was thinking that there needs to be some sort of microformat for an
>> action. For example, a hResume may contain an action, and the action
>> may be 'call' or 'email' specifying phone number email address.
>> Thoughts?
> It sounds like what you're describing is contact information, which is 
> covered by hCard:
> http://microformats.org/wiki/hcard 
> Specifically, the 'tel' and 'email' properties cover your examples.  
> You can embed hCard within hResume.
> Peace,
> Scott
I'd agree with Scott there, 'call' and 'email' in hcard are more like a 
choice or just information presented to the reader, actions suggest 
something you're supposed to do on a page or what a particular page 
itself is supposed to do. The <form> attribute "action" covers that. Say 
you have an email form, perhaps nested in your hcard instead of a 
mailto, this will already have an "action", namely 'contact' or 
'send-mail' or whatever the name of the page is that the form posts to.

I can't think of a way to make your email address exportable doing it 
that way though, unless you can have action="mailto:foo at bar.com" but 
that just seems silly. Not to mention the w3c spec doesn't want to touch 
action="anything-other-than-an-http-uri" with a barge pole.

Rob O

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