[uf-discuss] Re: Actions

Rob O'Rourke rob at sanchothefat.com
Wed Nov 1 11:59:38 PST 2006

Justin Thorp wrote:
> Why does an action or todo microformat have to be something that you do on the page?   Maybe I want to pull the ToDo out of the page and put it on my 30Boxes ToDo list or Outlook or something.
It doesn't, you're right but I was ignoring the to-do idea when I 
replied, I was referring to the actions you can carry out with a 
microformatted page like exporting the uF or emailing someone, I just 

> You should be able to nest an hCard inside of a ToDo.
> I can see this type of microformat being helpful in a situation where I have information for a rock concert but I have to buy the tickets for the rock concert.  
> So while the event information is marked up in an hCalendar that I can download, there is also a ToDo marked up that tells me to buy a ticket and where I can buy it.  I could grab this info and import into my ToDo list.

Would these todo 'actions' be marked up within the event to give them a 
deadline? or a completely separate list that has its own time-frame (or 
none at all) and perhaps uses something like .include to refer to the 
event in question?

> Cheers,
> Justin Thorp

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