[uf-discuss] class="url"?

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Tue Nov 7 09:39:30 PST 2006

On 11/7/06 9:01 AM, "Siegfried Gipp" <siegfried at rorkvell.de> wrote:

> Am Dienstag, 7. November 2006 03:47 schrieb Tantek Çelik:
>> No.  class="url" just means this is a value for the "url" property for this
>> hCard.  Nothing more, nothing less.
>> Not *the* URL.  *A* URL.  And certainly "definitive" is not implied.
> That is not logical. The problem case here is some container of class vcard,
> containing _several_ urls.

That is not a problem case - that is *exactly* the case that makes
class="url" necessary.

> So if to apply the class="url" to one of them,
> this means selecting that very special url to be the url for the VCARD URL

Incorrect .........................................^^^...................^^^

Applying class="url" means selecting that "very special" URL to be *a* URL
for the hCard.

Please re-read what I wrote above.  *A* URL.  There is no assertion of
uniqueness ("the").

>> Just as you wrote:
>> class="url" just means this is a value for the "url" property for this
>> hCard.  Nothing more, nothing less.
> So class="url" means this is the value for the url property.

No.  It means this is *a* value for the "url" property.

> This means, that 
> the other urls are _not_.

The other URLs are not values for the "url" property.

> So this distinguishes this special url from all the
> others.

Correct in that it expresses that that "special" URL is a value for the
"url" property.

> This _is_ special. Just the word "definitive" is somewhat overused :)

No - you added the word "special" and then claim it as a conclusion.  That
is a tautology.

> So the point is: If you need to specify the one special url among a set of
> urls with class="url",

There is currently no way to express that semantic in hCard, nor in vCard
for that matter.

> then this microformats word "url" does not have
> exactly the same semantics as the word "url" defined by the w3c.

No, the microformat class name "url" has the semantics of the "url" property
as defined in vCard and iCalendar.  See the hCard profile which defines the
class name "url": http://microformats.org/wiki/hcard-profile

> The 
> microformats word "url" specify one special outstanding url out of many,

No.  The microformats class name "url" specifies that *that* URL is *a*
value for the "url" property of the hCard.  That is all.

> where the w3c "url" means, what you wrote, *a* url, not *the* url.

Where does W3C define "url" to mean what you say?


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