[uf-discuss] Problems with 'hcard-singular-properties' page

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Tue Nov 7 11:15:45 PST 2006

The 'wiki' page:


makes the unsubstantiated claims:


        Legal precedents afford a person a single given-name and


        legally organizations have only a single name

These claims are, I contend, bogus.

Firstly, no jurisdiction is given - does the author refer to the laws of
the USA? Or some other authority? Certainly, uFormats do not apply in
only one jurisdiction, but in all - do we have any experts here on
Chinese law, or the laws of Japan, Korea and Papua New Guinea (to pick a
few at random)?

Certainly, under English law, both claims are false.

Andy Mabbett
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