[uf-discuss] Re: MicroFormat, Ltd.

Rohit Khare rkhare at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 09:08:02 PST 2006

> The registered owner of the domain

Umm, as the "owner," I'd like to suggest we all calm down and let
things lie. As the actual registrant of the domains
microformats.org/com under the auspices of CommerceNet, LLC, I'm sure
that any issues of our proper use of it would fall under the rubric of
our continued informal support of the microformats community. (We're
an independent think tank that grew out of a nonprofit membership
consortium in the 90's - for more, check out our website )

But more prosaically, one of the achievements of the cooperative
microformats effort is that it *has not* required a lot of 'process'
-- and that, even so, this list is *not* the place to begin throwing
around legal concerns.

This is a public, archived forum, and without reference to the merits
of anyone's points made today, this is one of the very few categories
of things that I suggest should be addressed directly to me (or
Tantek) before escalating to the community.

  Dr. Rohit Khare
  Director, CommerceNet Labs (Consulting)
Via BlackBerry

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