[uf-discuss] hCite progress

Bruce D'Arcus bdarcus.lists at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 11:28:56 PST 2006

On 11/13/06, Chris Messina <chris.messina at gmail.com> wrote:

> In terms of "type"... How important is that designation? If you have
> an open-ended list, isn't that similar to a tag or is there real
> consequence to its type-designation?

It's very important for conversion into some formats (BibTeX, RIS,
etc.), and sort of important too for formatting in the sense the there
are different conventions (rules) for formatting different kinds of

Note, though, that as someone who designed both a citation style
language and code to format citations, I think sometimes people get
too distracted by type. Often times, formatting rules are more about
other details than type.

For example, someone on the Zotero forums recently claimed "edited
books" get formatted differently than "books." Well, not really. What
gets formatted differently are editors and authors (the former gets a
role label added to it).


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