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Brian Suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 04:01:53 PST 2006

There was a discussion on this exact topic a few days ago:

Have a read through that, there are a few suggestions. I would first
attempt to mark-up as much as possible with existing microformats.
hListing was mentioned, you should also consider hReview and hCards.


On 11/15/06, James Jory <james at scrugy.com> wrote:
> Larry-
> I have been following microformats for the last year or so and just joined
> here to start floating some ideas that I've been working on related to wine
> and microformats.
> I recently launched a wine information aggregation site
> (http://www.scrugy.com) that, among other things, recognizes wine tasting
> notes formatted using hReview on web pages and in RSS feeds. I've discussed
> how this is implemented and other thoughts on my blog
> (http://blog.scrugy.com). Of course http://www.corkd.com is already using
> hReview (and Scrugy is aggregating those wine reviews) but I've recently
> started spreading the word about the potential of wine & microformats with
> folks in the online wine community (wine community sites, wine bloggers, and
> so on). Let me know if you'd like to get involved.
> All-
> At this point I'd like to begin proposing and documenting how wine
> information and microformats can be used together. My question is what is
> the best way to get this done? Since discussion would get very specific to
> wine, would the microformats wiki be an appropriate place for this? Or would
> it be better to start a new wine specific wiki where people from the wine
> industry can collaborate on how wine & microformats can be used together. Of
> course the wine specs would build upon and follow the microformat principles
> but I'm thinking that a wine-specific site would be more effective at
> promoting microformats within the wine community itself.
> I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts on this.
> Thanks,
> James
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brian suda

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