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>>         the total number of pages in a cited article, book-chapter, or
>>         other section of a publication

>Whether I paraphrase a section on page 4 of   Brian's _Using
>Microformats_ book, or get a direct quote from that  page, I would use:
>(Suda, 2006: 4)
>Brian Suda, _Using Microformats_ (2006), 4.

Note that I'm using "section" to mean a discrete chapter , article or
similar discrete sib-division, not just "a bit of an article".

>I would also add to this list:
>       the page run (e.g. "1-41") of a cited article, book section, or
>other section of a publication.
>Which is different from the "total number of pages" in an article.

and which I included, as:

        the page run (e.g. "3-4, 6, 8") of a cited section

[other points noted]

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