[uf-discuss] hCard: is this use of geo + adr legal?

Brian Suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 03:50:00 PST 2006

On 11/21/06, Costello, Roger L. <costello at mitre.org> wrote:
> Hey Brian, you said that this was a "strange" way of marking up the
> information:
> > <abbr class="geo adr" title="30.266935;-97.739267">
> >     <span class="street-address">401 East 6th St.</span>
> > </abbr>
> What is a better way of marking up the information?  Is this a better
> way:

--- i don't normally associate ABBR elements with multiple lines of
text, it isn't wrong, but feel strange - partly because most people
use DIV to create block-level elements for country-name or
street-address instead of using BR, but an ABBR element can only take
inline-elements. It isn't incorrect, but doesn't feel right to me, but
that's just personal preference.

> <abbr class="geo" title="30.266935;-97.739267">
>      <span class="adr street-address">401 East 6th St.</span>
> </abbr>
> Notice that I moved "adr" from abbr to span.

--- that won't work, because the street-adress needs to be nested
inside a class="adr", so you would need to do something like:

<abbr class="geo" title="30.266935;-97.739267">
      <span class="adr"><span class=street-address">401 East 6th

what feels "strange" to me is the ABBR around several elements, not
where the placement of the ADR is. Why not try:

<div class="adr">
      <abbr class="geo" title="30.266935;-97.739267"><span
class=street-address">401 East 6th St.</span></abbr>

brian suda

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