[uf-discuss] New Drupal Microformat module in development

Tane Piper tane.piper at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 08:09:16 PST 2006

Hi there,

I have recently started a new project in Drupal to support Microformats.

It's currently in Alpha development, with the main focus on getting
hCard and hCalendar support in first.

The eventual plan is to allow a user to enter in the data for a
microformat, say an hCard.  The module will then create the XHTML and
save this to the database.  This can then be embedded into any page or
post within a Drupal site either through options ("Embed Your hCard in
Post"), or via an embed tag like this:

[micro embed="hCard"]Tane Piper[/micro]

This would then embed the hCard from the database with fn of "Tane Piper".

The second part of the module is to build in a viewer, similar to
Jason Kolb's one at http://www.xformats.org/MicroViewer

How this viewer would be implemented is when a post has any recognised
embedded microcontent, a button would be displayed on the page (e.g.
the bottom of the post) which when clicked, will display the
microcontent (through JS).

The module will also be extensible through the creation of sub-modules
for the microcontent format.  For example, with the core version
planned there is:

microcontent.module - the core modules, deals with database queries,
embedding, and viewer
hcalendar.module - creates hCalendar microformats
hcard.module - creates hCard microformats

But someone could easily write a hReview.module, which just needs to
adhear to the API of the module to display it.

Any comments, suggestions and queries are very welcome, and if anyone
would like to contribute to this project, please get in touch.

On a sidenote, I have been looking at creating my own microformat. I
work in the music industry and I have been looking into the idea of
hMusic - a microformat for displaying single/album information which
would include name and artists information, a pack shot (image) and
track listings.  You can see my idea at
http://digitalspaghetti.me.uk/drupal5/node/5 and I would again
appreciate any feedback on this, whether it's worth pursuing as per
the microformats.org submission guidelines.

Tane Piper

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