[uf-discuss] Best Practice for wrapping hCard information with geo, for display on Google Earth?

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Thu Nov 30 10:51:19 PST 2006

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>I am when using Brian Suda's xhtml2kml.xsl tool to create a KML file
>from an hCard.  Then I display the KML on Google Earth.
>What is the best practice for wrapping hCard data with geo, which will
>result in the most informative rendering on Google Earth?  Let me
>explain what I mean.

As a general point of principle,; I suggest you use the best, most
meaningful, markup, and not try to tailor it to the idiosyncrasies of a
particular tool. If a tool is not giving the optimum output, write to
its author and ask them to consider changing the way it works.

>Consider this hCard:
><span class="vcard">
>      <span class="fn org">Waldorf-Astoria</span>
>      <span class="adr">
>            <span class="street-address">301 Park Ave.</span><br />
>            <span class="locality">New York</span>,
>            <abbr class="region" title="New York">NY</abbr>
>            <span class="postal-code">10022</span>
>      </span>
>The lat/lon coordinates of the Waldorf-Astoria are:
>     Latitude: 40.756561  /  Longitude: -73.974056

I feel the only thing there which might equate to an abbreviation, for
which the coordinates are the full form, is the postal (Zip) code.

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