[uf-discuss] Use of hReview for TV episode information

King Chung Huang king.ml at mobovivo.com
Sun Oct 1 14:15:15 PDT 2006


I'm currently in the process of designing an online video store and  
I've been looking at incorporating microformats into some of the new  
markup. Below is a snippet of code that describes a TV episode with  
some extra structural elements and class attributes to support hReview.

<div class="mv-program-item-detail hreview" id="mv-program-item- 
	<div class="item">
		<h1>WildFiles, Season 1</h1>
		<h2 class="fn"><a href="http://www.mobovivo.com/wildfiles/season1/ 
the-frog-who-would-be-prince/" class="url">The Frog Who Would Be  
	<div class="description">
		<p>Growing up can be frustrating when you want to hop right from  
being a kid to a grownup. The life stages of wood frogs help Lucy put  
her own age in perspective.</p>
	<abbr title="4"  
	<!-- Other hReview fields -->
		<dt>Review Date</dt>
		<dd><abbr class="dtreviewed" title="20061001T1200-0700">Oct. 1,  
		<dt>Review Author</dt>
		<dd class="reviewer vcard"><span class="fn">MoboVivo</span></dd>
		<dt>Item Type</dt>
		<dd class="type">product</dd>
		<dt>hReview Version</dt>
		<dd class="version">0.3</dd>

Based on this, I had a few questions.

1) Is this an appropriate use of hReview?
2) Is there a way to include the program/season name (eg: "WildFiles,  
Season 1") as part of the item, or is that even necessary?
3) There's a "photo" subproperty as part of the item info, but no  
"video" subproperty. Is there a way to describe the URL to a video  


King Chung Huang

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