semantic XHTML and microformats (was Re: [uf-discuss] Automatic conversion of XML to microformat and vice versa; recommenda

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Sat Oct 14 09:44:43 PDT 2006



This is what Pat Ramsey <microformats-discuss at> said
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> Tantek, your clarification is something that might be a good thing to have
> written up on the microformats web site, the wiki, etc. It's concise and
> makes a good "bullet point" to keep in mind when discussing/evangelizing
> microformats to others who might not be quite in step with the rest of us.
> Pat
> On 10/1/06, Tantek Çelik <tantek at> wrote:
> > These are all good recommendations.
> >
> > There are a couple of higher level things from Roger's original email
> > that I wanted to clear up though.


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