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Karl Dubost karl at w3.org
Mon Oct 2 18:17:00 PDT 2006

Le 3 oct. 06 à 06:00, Chris Casciano a écrit :
> It may be worth looking at the recent changes istockphoto has made  
> wrt. localizing tags [as part of a bigger localization effort]  
> before getting too deep into this conversation on one side of the  
> other. I've only caught a wiff of it for mentions of transition  
> problems, but it sounds like an interesting *and* real world/live  
> example of wrestling with the issue of translations and or similes  
> in tagging.

Yes indeed.
Do you know a bit more of what they did? Or at least what were the  

I wish that tagging systems had (on the backend side) ways to deal with
	- associating meaning on user choices (your own private taxonomy)
	- associating meaning with a bigger classification (attach a tag to  
an already existing taxonomy, ex: geo stuff)
	- associating two tags giving them equivalences on user choices

SKOS with label being the tags

It's all about giving users the choice to use well defined taxonomy  
AND to build his/her own if needed.

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