[uf-discuss] Re: Currency + Unit of measurement (Was: Currency+Product)

Ciaran McNulty mail at ciaranmcnulty.com
Tue Oct 3 02:16:40 PDT 2006

On 10/1/06, Scott Reynen <scott at randomchaos.com> wrote:
> I think "$" is a unit of measuring currency, and "barrel" is a unit
> of measuring oil, which in this case is the product the currency
> references.

I disagree.  There are plenty of other things that can be sold by the
barrel, and I doubt there are many instances of $/barrel being used
without oil being specifically referenced.

I think it's fairly clear that $ is a unit of currency, 'barrel' is a
measure of volume, and $/barrel is a measure of currency/volume in its
own right, similar to other composite measures like m.p.h.


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