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>Andy Mabbett wrote:
>> In message <A919CF31-0EDC-4BB2-85B5-8BEC6CC7011F at lava.net>, Colin
>> Barrett <timber at lava.net> writes
>>>> Or the capacity to describe a polygon...
>>> I call the 80/20 rule into effect here.
>>  Fine, I'm confident that more than 80% of countries, counties,
>> cities, gardens, parks, nature reserves, and industrial estates are
>> polygons, and fewer than 20% are circles.
>You really missed the point.

No, I do not.

>  Think about it like this.  If you were to pick up a map and point out
>roughly where you took some photo of your kids in a park (or whatever)
>and you wanted to pick up a pen and mark the location, you're not going
>to sit there and carefully outline the polygon shape of the park,
>you're going to draw something like an X or a circle to show the rough

That's not the "it" I was discussing; but I might very well draw a
polygon, depending on the context.

>That's the concept that this thread is discussing.

No, tops *one* of the concepts that this thread is discussing. Or is it
now your own, personal thread?

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