[uf-discuss] mikroformate.org launched

Sebastian Küpers sebastian.kuepers at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 5 01:58:48 PDT 2006

hey folks,

for your information:

we launched a german metablog about microformats today on
we are three guys blogging about microformats for a while now and for
the reason, that we've allready pubslished over 100 articles about
microformats, we put our forces together and started this central
information point

(which of course directly links to the offical sources on
microformats.org as well)

more over there is a german wiki and mailinglist (which ryan is
allready reading, as we noticed - thx) associated with this metablog
... I think we will initiate a translation project of the official
wiki asap to get more information about microformats available on
german soon.

cheers from berlin,

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