[uf-discuss] Species: where now

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Thu Oct 5 11:08:26 PDT 2006

A while ago, Tantek Celik challenged me:

        one thing that might help for the species discussion is if you
        could cite URLs to a site or sites with millions (or even
        thousands) of clearly obvious uses of "species" terminology
        [...] on pages.  I'm not saying such examples don't exist, I'm
        saying we need to explicitly find and cite such examples in
        order to justify a microformat.

which I (with help from others, duly acknowledged) have done, both on
this mailing list and at:


listing well over seventy-five million (yes; over 75,000,000) examples -
and that's without bothering to list the myriad pages which use species'
common-, but not scientific-, names.

I have asked three times, since then, whether he is yet satisfied that
sufficient examples have been found, but he has not replied.

Does anyone else have any views on that question?

What's next?

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