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>> What's next?
>Just keep working through the process: that is, if you're comfortable
>with the examples you've accumlated about how species is used on the
>web, brainstorm (which I see you've done), throw together a strawman

Which I've done:


> then say "this should be an offical microformat proposal".

This should be an official microformat proposal!

>Then expect it to revised. It will be, over and over.

Good, I wouldn't want anything less.

>An aside:
>My concern with what you've done so far is that you're carving out a
>fairly large amount of namespace for a fairly niche application (yes,
>what isn't outside of its domain).

I'm not sure what you mean, here.

> "class", for example, is already
>used in vCard and current policy is one-name one-meaning.

Hence my suggestion of ""classis" or "taxo-class". I'd be just as happy
with some other such name.

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