[uf-discuss] Idea: beginners/getting started list

Drew McLellan lists at allinthehead.com
Fri Oct 6 02:48:06 PDT 2006

This is an idea that was discussed on IRC a couple of days ago, and I
thought it was worth airing here.

The idea is to have an additional discussion list specifically for those
getting started with publishing microformats. It would carry a
no-question-is-too-stupid ethos, and aim to foster an environment where
any average web designer could feel they could get answers and learn how
to get going.

Of course, everyone is already welcome on uf-discuss and can ask any
level of question already. So why another list? Because uf-discuss tends
to be reasonably high level. Whilst even the most basic questions are
welcome here, we're probably less likely to get them posted as this
list would seem very intimidating to a lot of people.

Additionally, why would someone just getting started with publishing want
to read about or even care about the 90% of the stuff we discuss here
each day? This stuff only becomes relevant to your average publisher
once it becomes a mature draft. So having a getting-started list for
questions about publishing seems to make sense to me.

When subscribers cease to find the list interesting, they can just unsub,
or maybe switch over to uf-discuss if they're interested.

The classic hazard with creating a beginner level group in any community
is that the people with the knowledge to answer questions are only
interested in reading the higher-level list. In the case of microformats
though, I see it as evangelism more than anything. I'd personally be
willing to hang out and join the discussion, and I'm sure others would
too, simply because we care about mf and want to encourage adoption. If
the list is successful, hopefully after time those asking the questions
will also want to stick around and answer some too.

So that's the idea for discussion. It may be naive. My motivation is to
reach to the average designer and developer folk in a way that's
accessible to them.



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