[uf-discuss] Live Writer and microformats

Ryan King ryan at technorati.com
Fri Oct 6 10:49:56 PDT 2006

Chris Messina wrote:
> This kind of delves into the "authoritative standards"
> doesn't it? And how do you keep up with an ever-growing
> repository of microformats?
> Obviously it can be done -- and it's something that we need,  
> especially if we're to get support for microformats into client- 
> side software... so isn't that where remote
> definitions/profiles come in? Sorry for showing my ignorance here,  
> but how would, for example, Flock, (or better, Lucene) stay up-to- 
> date with the most current listing/definitions of all the available  
> microformats?


The answer is- they keep in touch with the community and they write  
software. There is no silver bullet.


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