[uf-discuss] First version of Currency proposal

Scott Reynen scott at randomchaos.com
Wed Oct 11 20:51:35 PDT 2006

On Oct 11, 2006, at 6:33 PM, Guillaume Lebleu wrote:

> Scott Reynen wrote:
>> So which of these tasks should we aim to make simple?  I'd say the  
>> latter, because it's far more common (well over 80%, I think).
> I think we agree here. $99 is more common than 99c, so the former  
> should be simpler to microformat than the latter. Where it seems we  
> differ in opinion is that the latter should still be possible to  
> microformat.

I don't think disagree there at all, and I'm not sure where you got  
that impression.

> To paraphrase you, what is simpler? to give a solution, although a  
> bit less simple, to the minority of people who uses "99c", or to  
> ask them to change the way they do things and use "$0.99"? I  
> believe in the former.

I'll repeat my example here, because it doesn't require altering the  
published content at all:

<span class="money"><abbr class="amount" title="0.99">99</abbr><abbr  
class="currency" title="USD">¢</abbr></span>

That would be displayed as: 99¢, just like your examples.  It doesn't  
prevent anyone from using the microformat.  It just requires them to  
provide a machine-readable equivalent in the standard dollar unit,  
just like we provide machine-readable date equivalents in the  
standard ISO 8601 format, despite published date formats varying widely.

> I think you'll agree that the following is pretty simple:
> <span class="money"><abbr class="currency" title="USD">$</ 
> abbr><span class="amount">99</span></span>
> And most people in this community seems to be in agreement with this.

I haven't seen anyone disagree with this.

> Now, what do we offer to people who use amounts in U.S. cents on  
> their Web site.

Have them provide dollar equivalents in abbr titles, while  
maintaining the exact same published content.

> Nothing or something?

No one is suggesting nothing, so I'm not sure why you're discussing  
that option here.

> If we want to offer something, then for "70 US cents" as in http:// 
> www.smh.com.au/articles/2004/07/01/1088488063161.html? 
> from=storylhs, we could have:
> <span class="money"><span class="amount">70</span> <abbr  
> class="currency" title="USD">US</abbr> <abbr class="unit"  
> title="cent">cents</abbr></span>

We could, but what are the advantages of this over the example above?

> My 2 cents

My 0.02 dollars.


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