[uf-discuss] Re: spreading the semantic web

Alex Piner alexpi at gmail.com
Sat Oct 14 00:49:21 PDT 2006


In the interest of "spread the Semantic Web" , I have registered
"spreadmicroformats.com/org" (couldn't afford .net) as the
microformats community could benefit from a "spread MicroFormats"

I assume most of you would be more interested in mF than semweb, and
that's good, and there is a bridge building (SIOC please)...

on that note, I am not a "techie" , but I am prepared to "roll up the
sleeves" and get into markup, to help facilitate a SIOC/MicroFormats
union of some sort

again, any help with "Spread The Seamtic Web" is most appreciated

and good luck with "spread microformats", if there are enough
interested parties.


On 10/13/06, Alex Piner <alexpi at gmail.com> wrote:
> A few people like the idea of a "Spread the Semantic Web" campaign,
> somewhat modeled on Spread Firefox.
> I would like to make the main focus on three projects, SIOC, SIMILIE,
> and MicroFormats, and any way to access the extant Semantic Web
> should be visible. Segala.com is interested, and will provide hosting.
> Along with OWL, RDF, etc.
> Also, site should run in Drupal with SIOC Exporter, and I would very
> much like to see SIOC and MicroFormats work togther.
> So the basic concept is "get on the Semantic Web Today" sort of thing.
> I am asking for help, in any way, for this campaign.
> All the Best,
> Alex

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