[uf-discuss] hCalendar spec- no specification included!

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Mon Oct 16 13:40:48 PDT 2006

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>Quick Summary:
>* Lots of interest in wiki improvement
>* Work I've done
>* Please Help!
>I've noticed there are lots of people interested in changing the wiki
>in various ways.  Perhaps it would help if can converge around some
>common goals to rally our work around.  I don't think anyone has any
>objections to the claim that the wiki is hard to read.

The pages on hCard and, especially, hCalendar are harder to read now,
than they were ~5 hours, ago, before the recent reversions.

>Andy and all others interested in this effort: would you
>mind adding your ideas to your own section on the to-do page?

I don't have such a section, nor do I desire one.

>   * Specs

>         o Discussion

Discussion is not part of a spec.

>I'd love to see Andy, Phae, Scott, Tantek, and anyone else interested
>in improving the wiki start to use the to-do list so I can align my
>organizational thoughts with everyone.

I'm no longer convinced that there's a Wiki in anything but name.

Tantek is fond of citing the W3C as an organisational model. compare
what one sees at the first (home page) and second  (i.e. a link from the
home page, to, say, "HTML") levels, compared with the second level of
the microformats Wiki (linking to, say hCalendar).

There also seems to be a presumption that "newbies" will initially be
interested in "authoring", that is almost certainly fallacious, and at
best unsupported by evidence.

cgriego's suggestion that "wiki/* (where people are mostly likely to go)
should be the intro page and it should link to wiki/*-spec" is far more

>  Perhaps we can even run some
>kind of virtual card sort to help establish how things should be
>organized.  Anyone have any ideas on how to do this?

What do you mean by a "virtual card sort"?

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