[uf-discuss] hCalendar spec- no specification included!

Benjamin West bewest at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 14:04:58 PDT 2006


Thanks for the prompt response; apologies if my own aren't so prompt.

> There also seems to be a presumption that "newbies" will initially be
> interested in "authoring", that is almost certainly fallacious, and at
> best unsupported by evidence.

Ah, that's interesting.  Mind if I quote you on this in my to-do list?
 What are newbies interested in?  How are they finding our content?
Ryan, are there any particularly interesting referrers in the logs?

> cgriego's suggestion that "wiki/* (where people are mostly likely to go)
> should be the intro page and it should link to wiki/*-spec" is far more
> sensible.

Yes, I agree.  I like how <http://simile.mit.edu/solvent/> and friends
do this.  The big questions are right out front to help guide you to
the information you are interested in.  I happen to think that they
are "What is this?" "What can I do here?" "How can I learn more?" "Are
there examples"?  Is this what you envision as well?  I may add a
skeleton-type of example to my to-do list (help is needed with this).

Regarding the specs bit, I meant to refer to the various stages of the
process.  The spec landing page might contain the big questions, with
a status section pointing to pages dedicated toward how the spec is
moving through the process, and with the "learn more" section pointed
at the spec itself.  I suppose there might be more than one way to do
this: one choice might be to rename pages.  Another choice might be to
reorganize existing spec changes.  Another choice might be to create
newly named new landing pages that conform to some structure we work
to converge on.  There might be other choices I'm not considering.

> >  Perhaps we can even run some
> >kind of virtual card sort to help establish how things should be
> >organized.  Anyone have any ideas on how to do this?
> What do you mean by a "virtual card sort"?

I'm not sure. All I'm sure of is that I would like to align my desire
to improve the state of affairs with others.  I also believe that the
first step is to converge around some organization scheme.  I've been
asking around for specific sticking points on the site, hCard and
hCalendar have risen to the top.  Card sorts are useful to learn how
people expect things to be organized, but I'm having trouble picturing
how this would work as this is a virtual community and whatnot.

> Please fix you software to remove sigs when replying; or do so manually.
> Thank you.
Oops, sorry!  gmail hides these automatically for me.

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