[uf-discuss] currency quickpoll results and suggested next step

Guillaume Lebleu gl at brixlogic.com
Mon Oct 16 15:06:48 PDT 2006

See below the results for "What do you think are the [4] most important 
features [out of 8] for the currency proposal?"

Thank you to all who have participated.

My recommended next step is to edit the current proposal so that it 
focuses only on the 3 top features below, with the goal to get a first 
version, lean yet functional, officially approved as soon as possible, 
and push back the other features to a subsequent version.

Let me know what you think.



Unanimity (100%):

    * Identification of currency used (ex. US dollars versus Canadian

Majority (50% and more):

    * Currency unit/denomination used identification (ex. dollar versus
      cent, pound versus shilling) - 62.5%
    * Amount identification from other part of the text - 62.5%

Divided (50%):

    * Global currency definition (ex. all amounts in table are in US
    * Support for combination with units (ex. $34 per gallon, $2 per miles)

Minority (50% and less)

    * Currency symbol identification from other part of the text (ex.
      "$" is the dollar sign) - 12.5%

None (0%)

    * Dated money amounts (ex. Five 1929 US dollars)
    * Support for non-numerical representation (ex. 10 dollars 99 cents,
      five pounds 23 pence)

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