[uf-discuss] currency quickpoll results and suggested next step

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at gmail.com
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My opinion is this sounds like a great idea!  Will you be doing the edit on
the current proposal?

I am surprised however at the number of people who felt "Currency
unit/denomination used identification" was important and it seems like an
edge case to me. I'm hoping that this become an optional aspect as opposed
to always required, and the same with amount, actually.

Also, will the current spec worry about the other concerns so as not to
eliminate the possibility of including them later, or by asking am I just
removing the benefit of "focusing on the top 3" by asking?



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See below the results for "What do you think are the [4] most important
features [out of 8] for the currency proposal?"

Thank you to all who have participated.

My recommended next step is to edit the current proposal so that it focuses
only on the 3 top features below, with the goal to get a first version, lean
yet functional, officially approved as soon as possible, and push back the
other features to a subsequent version.

Let me know what you think.



Unanimity (100%):

    * Identification of currency used (ex. US dollars versus Canadian

Majority (50% and more):

    * Currency unit/denomination used identification (ex. dollar versus
      cent, pound versus shilling) - 62.5%
    * Amount identification from other part of the text - 62.5%

Divided (50%):

    * Global currency definition (ex. all amounts in table are in US
    * Support for combination with units (ex. $34 per gallon, $2 per miles)

Minority (50% and less)

    * Currency symbol identification from other part of the text (ex.
      "$" is the dollar sign) - 12.5%

None (0%)

    * Dated money amounts (ex. Five 1929 US dollars)
    * Support for non-numerical representation (ex. 10 dollars 99 cents,
      five pounds 23 pence)

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