[uf-discuss] currency quickpoll results and suggested next step

Joe Andrieu joe at andrieu.net
Mon Oct 16 19:17:04 PDT 2006

Mike Schinkel wrote
> I am surprised however at the number of people who felt 
> "Currency unit/denomination used identification" was 
> important and it seems like an edge case to me. I'm hoping 
> that this become an optional aspect as opposed to always 
> required, and the same with amount, actually.

This may be a fact of test bias.  The test asked for four answers, so I
selected four answers, and #4 for me was "Currency unit/denomination used".
I didn't really have my heart in it, so to speak.

It seems to me that denomination or unit is about presentation, not the
data.  And I don't think we've had a case before where we defined the
microformat to retain presentational aspects.  For example, with hCalendar,
we don't keep track of how the date/month/year is presented. We just capture
the ISO version of the date.  Seems we should do the same for the currency.
Let the XHTML present the currency unit, but don't worry about it being
semantically labelled as such.

No offense, btw, to Guillaume regarding test bias.  Almost all tests have
built-in bias of some kind. It'll take a few revs to figure out the best way
to poll for this kind of thing.  Thanks for taking the first step. (At
least, it is the first poll I've seen for uF.)



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