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I think the reorganization to create mini-home pages for each microformat
will make it easy to find and remember those, i.e


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This is a good example of how we should be using the wiki better.

I didn't realise that the hCard FAQ covered the <address> matter, which is
one that is mentioned often.  I think it would be valuable for people
(including myself!!) who wish to help guide new people to get to know the
FAQ pages well, and add to them as appropriate, and also then USE those
resources as often as possible when helping people out.  This in turn
encourages everyone to document properly, I hope.


On 10/17/06, Chris Messina <chris.messina at> wrote:
> This has been discussed previously and Steve is correct
> 0013.html 
> r/001870.html
> This has been previously codified on the wiki:
> Chris

Frances Berriman
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