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>Thanks for the prompt response; apologies if my own aren't so prompt.

None needed. Such is e-mail!

>> There also seems to be a presumption that "newbies" will initially be
>> interested in "authoring", that is almost certainly fallacious, and at
>> best unsupported by evidence.
>Ah, that's interesting.  Mind if I quote you on this in my to-do list?

Of course not.

>What are newbies interested in?

I can only speak for myself, and imagine what others want, but I would
have thought a mixture of general information and information on ho to
"read" uFs on pages which already have them (and thus what tools, FF
extensions, etc. to use).

IIRC, Jacob Neilsen's recent works suggests a 90-9-1 percentage mix of
"readers" "publishers" and "developers".

> How are they finding our content?

Mostly, I suspect, by following links on pages/ sites which use, or
discuss, uFs

for example, respectively:



>I like how <http://simile.mit.edu/solvent/> and friends
>do this.  The big questions are right out front to help guide you to
>the information you are interested in.  I happen to think that they
>are "What is this?" "What can I do here?" "How can I learn more?" "Are
>there examples"?  Is this what you envision as well?

Pretty much.

>Regarding the specs bit, I meant to refer to the various stages of the
>process.  The spec landing page might contain the big questions, with
>a status section pointing to pages dedicated toward how the spec is
>moving through the process, and with the "learn more" section pointed
>at the spec itself.

If the "spec itself" is on a secondary page, then the "landing" page
isn't the spec.

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