[uf-discuss] Use-check: rel="enclosure" attribute

Fil fil at rezo.net
Wed Oct 18 00:35:40 PDT 2006

> Yes and no. I'm not sure of who supports rel-enclosure and I'm not  
> aware of any tools that would make use of the enclosure in this case.  
> If there were tools (like a browser that supported enclosures),  
> however, this could be very useful.

For SPIP (a Web publication tool) we decided to use rel-enclosure to note
links to "attached documents". This helps build tools like "hAtom/augmented
RSS" where we carry info about attached documents with microformats inside
the RSS content... admittedly awkward, but totally functional.

See for instance:
        and look for one rel=enclosure

The source RSS is at

If you look closely you'll also find other embedded mf in these pages, to
carry info on keywords and sections.

-- Fil

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