[uf-discuss] rel-nofollow or equivalent for Citation format

brian suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Wed Oct 18 06:38:53 PDT 2006

I think you have pointed out one of the great things about Microformats.
Each can be used independently of each other.

If you want rel="nofollow" you are more than welcome to use that on ANY
microformat, it doesn't need to be baked into the citation.

You could so something like:

<a href="http://en.wikipedia.com/wiki/microformats" rel="vote-for tag
directory nofollow muse">Microformats</a>

That is using 5 different microformats at once all without having to
coordinate between them. That in-turn could be inside of an hCard or
hCalnedar, or citation or hReview or ...


Jeremy Boggs wrote:
> Hi List,
> I've been trying to catch up on the citation microformat discussion.
> Very good stuff!
> It seems like there would some use for the rel-nofollow microformat
> (or some equivalent) to it in the citation microformat, so that
> citations can better express how much weight or authority is given to
> the work in question. The idea is that, even though I "cite" a work or
> refer to it, I might not want to give that work any additional weight,
> much like rel-nofollow does for hyperlinks.
> My concern stems from the idea that there's a difference between
> simply listing or referring to a work, and citing it as an authority.
> If I'm writing a blog post critiquing Holocaust deniers, I may, say,
> reference a book arguing that the Holocaust didn't happen, but I don't
> want to give that book any weight or ranking, or give it more
> authority, with my citation. In fact, I would want to do the opposite:
> Give it no weight at all.
> Thoughts?
> Thanks!
> Jeremy
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