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>>> I don't think anyone has said that. I certainly don't think people should
>be encouraged to begin authoring before first understanding what the
>are nad are not "allowed" to do (unless by "authoring" you mean "fill
>in a form and let a machine do the authoring for you")
>A form would be nice,

It might be; note that I wasn't calling for one.

> but it takes time to develop and we can't expect they will be
>developed before people are interested.

We can't expect people to use something for which there is no spec!

>This is just like Creative Commons where they have the human readable
>license and then you can see the lawyese if you really want. I've never
>even looked at the lawyered one, have you?


>  I don't need to; the simple version works much better for me and is
>all I need. Something that tells the average Joe how to author in
>simple language with good examples is what will be most beneficial for
>most people.

Agreed. Did I say otherwise?

>>> Reasonable, but it needs some content, so as not to appear dry and
>Not to be contrary, but see "How Users Read on the Web[1]."

What, again?

>  Content for content sake is less than useful.

Indeed. Did I ask for "content for content's sake"?

>>> Once they standard is set, the brainstorming (and related examples) is
>only of archival interest.
>Note that I said my list was just a set to start discussion

Note that I was discussing it.

>>> I note that your list does not include an explanation of Semantic
>Again, as I said, my list was just a set to start discussion...

Note that I wasn't criticising you for omitting it.
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