[uf-discuss] Size considerations

Kevin Marks kmarks at technorati.com
Thu Oct 19 01:56:12 PDT 2006

On Oct 18, 2006, at 6:09 PM, Andy Mabbett wrote:
> That's 399 characters increased to 860 (excluding indentation); over
> double.

when gzipped (with indentation) I get 308 bytes vs 498 ration 1.62

Stripping out the indentation and CRs and using more compact forms of 
the mf markup I get

<tr class="X">
<th scope="row">Friday 3<br>7:30–9:30pm</th>
<td><abbr class="wmbc" title="West Midland Bird Club">WMBC</abbr><a 
href="../solihull/indoor.htm" title="Solihull Branch indoor meetings" 
 >Solihull Branch indoor meeting</a>.</td>
<td>Solihull College, New Lecture Rooms, Blossomfield Road, Solihull 
B91 1SB (SP142790).</td>
<td>Steve Smith: The Farne Islands and the Bass Rock.</td>


<tr id="D20061103a" class="vevent X">
<th scope="row">Friday 3<br><abbr class="dtstart" 
title="20061103T193000Z">7:30</abbr>–<abbr class="dtend" 
<td class="summary"><abbr class="wmbc" title="West Midland Bird 
Club">WMBC</abbr><a class="url" href="../solihull/indoor.htm">Solihull 
Branch indoor meeting</a>.</td>
<td class="location vCard"><span class="fn org">Solihull 
College</span>,<span class="adr"><span class="extended-address">New 
Lecture Rooms</span>,<span class="street-address">Blossomfield 
Road</span>,<span class="locality">Solihull</span><span 
class="postal-code">B91 1SB</span></span>(<abbr class="geo" 
title="52.4095; -1.7921">SP142790</abbr>).</td>
<td class="description">Steve Smith: The Farne Islands and the Bass 

gzipped I get 293 vs 451 ratio 1.51

Though as in each case (even uncompressed) the size is under a typical 
1500-byte packet size, the difference is immaterial - and embedded in a 
realistic page the difference becomes much less marked.

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