[uf-discuss] hResume - Marking up experience and "present" date

Jeremy Boggs jeremyboggs at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 13:36:31 PDT 2006

> Unfortunately I don't think ISO8061 has a way of representing 'now' -
> the only thing I could suggest would be that you set it equal to the
> document's publication date, maybe using PHP as you suggest.

Thanks Ciaran!

It seems, though, that setting the dtend date to the document's  
publication date would imply a specific end date for the job that  
isn't accurate. For instance, if I published my resume a month ago,  
but I'm still employed at the same position, I wouldn't want to use  
<abbr class="dtend" title="20060919">present</abbr>.

Likewise, I see problems with using PHP (or something else) to  
generate the current date, because that also implies a specific  
ending date for the position. So, if I used, say, <?php date(Ymd); ? 
 >, in the title attribute, that would create <abbr class="dtend"  
title="20061019">present</abbr>. This is essentially saying that my  
tenure at the position ended on October 19, 2006, which is also  

Of course, I'm failing to offer a plausible solution to the issue; my  
apologies for that. :)

Brian Suda recommended using "duration" for dates when i asked about  
historical dates a while back.[1] Is there something similar in iCal  
or in RFC 2445 for "repetition"...that is, can you say that an event  
repeats perpetually?. I know in iCal itself, you can set certain  
events to repeat every day, or specific days/times. Is there  
something similar in RFC 2445 or ISO dates that covers this?


[1] http://microformats.org/discuss/mail/microformats-discuss/2006- 

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