[uf-discuss] First version of Currency proposal

Emiliano Martinez Luque martinezluque at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 21:28:31 PDT 2006

> This gives me a chance to ask in a different way, why can we not assume
> type=USD, amount=5.99, and symbol=$ from the following?
>        The book costs <span class="currency" title="USD">$5.99</span>

That example in particular might not be a problem but consider the following:

<span class="currency" title="USD">$1,000</span>

In the US that will mean one dollar, in Argentina (where I'm from) it
will mean a thousand dollars. And tying this to the currency
identification (even though the first 2 letters represent a country)
will not solve the issue, since I should be able to markup values in
different currencies within a single web page. I do agree though that
there should be some sort of optimization.

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