[uf-discuss] Page-Global solution to Size Considersations (was Size considerations (or how to choose))

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 01:02:12 PDT 2006

Maybe the size per amount marked-up can be addressed by focusing on
providing a page-global solution?
I don't know what's been discussed along those lines but here are my three

1.) It seems like it should be a Design Pattern and not just something for a
single Microformat

2.) I think it should allow multiple "defaults"; consider a page with 1500
money values where 500 are in USD, 500 are in GBP, and 500 are in EUR.  Plus
satisfying #1 would require multiples.

3.) I think it should be able to be applied anywhere in the document; i.e.
inside the <body> tag.  Consider a Wiki or a CMS that doesn't allow a page
author to modify the headers of a page.



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Hey Mike,

This is an very good/interesting example...  

In my opinion amount is a really difficult one to abbreviate (or any measure
for that matter) as it can be used to describe a lot of other things for
which there is not yet a microformat but cur (for currency) is interesting
as just off the top of my head I don't think currency is used in a lot of
other situations but could we abbreviate current (if we did something
electrical) with cur?  

I guess this reinforces my point that while useful abbreviations in
human-readable things are tricky at best. Just like acronyms can be an
insiders language, abbreviations can obfuscate meaning.  

To reiterate my position I love abbreviations but anywhere they are used
really need to be studied. :-)



In message <001701c6f3f6$6a000b50$0702a8c0 at Guides.local> Mike Schinkel
<mikeschinkel at gmail.com> in addition to other things said:

> I have a question about that.  I'll use the example of money because 
> it's
one I'm more familiar > with.  In this particular case, we have money,
currency, and amount:

> 	<span class="money">
> 	   <abbr class="currency" title="USD">$</abbr>
> 	   <span class="amount">5.99</span>
>	</span>
> However, and this is an honest question, isn't "currency" and "amount"
> really only valid in context with "money?"  Wouldn't that make it okay 
> to
abbreviate the 
> children of money, like so?:

>	<span class="money">
>	   <abbr class="cur" title="USD">$</abbr>
>	   <span class="amt">5.99</span>
>	</span>

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