[uf-discuss] Page-Global solution to Size Considersations (was Size considerations (or how to choose))

Brian Suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 05:38:18 PDT 2006

On 10/20/06, Mike Schinkel <mikeschinkel at gmail.com> wrote:
> Maybe the size per amount marked-up can be addressed by focusing on
> providing a page-global solution?
> I don't know what's been discussed along those lines but here are my three
> cents:
> 1.) It seems like it should be a Design Pattern and not just something for a
> single Microformat

--- we do, the include pattern allows you to specify data, and then
throughout the rest of the page, reference it. If you are trying to
shave off bits, then this doesn't do much for you, because you
replace, <span class="type">USD</span>, with <a href="#id-ref"
class="include" />, not much saving for a single value, but good for
referencing full hCards for people and organizations.

> 2.) I think it should allow multiple "defaults"; consider a page with 1500
> money values where 500 are in USD, 500 are in GBP, and 500 are in EUR.  Plus
> satisfying #1 would require multiples.

--- this is starting to sound like a solution to a non-problem. We
should really try to stick with what people are ALREADY publishing,
making-up theorietical issues and solutions isn't the best use of our

> 3.) I think it should be able to be applied anywhere in the document; i.e.
> inside the <body> tag.  Consider a Wiki or a CMS that doesn't allow a page
> author to modify the headers of a page.

--- i would agree, we are bound to the semantics of HTML - we want as
much interoperablity as possible, so you'd have to find elements that
already exist that can serve this purpose. We have explored <object>
and <a>, <link> and @profile are good, but like you said they are
somewhat outside of what normal CMSs handle. Ultimately, this also
refers back to the question, "do we have a solution to a problem, or
are we find a problem for a solution?"


brian suda

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