[uf-discuss] Implementation Idea for "prev" and "next"

Christian Heilmann chris.heilmann at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 07:10:19 PDT 2006

Talking to Jeremy at the WSG Microformats thingamajing yesterday and
to Drew and Ed in the office today, I thought it'll be a good idea to
implement prev and next as attribute values to microformats.

As you may be aware, a rel of prev and next on LINK elements of the
documents indicated a document connection, for example when the page
is part of an overall paper. If you envision a web page as a piece of
paper, the LINK element is the staples. The cool thing about the prev
and next values is that Firefox pre-caches these pages, too. Opera
shows this navigation as a toolbar. As MSIE doesn't do squat with it I
published a script when I was young and needed the money about it -

Now, in terms of Microformats these two attributes could have several

- They could indicate that your blog post is a follow-up to an older
one, when you didn't want to update the other one
- They could indicate a relationship with other blogs and their posts
(like a meme going round)
- They could indicate a kind of version controlling, if you for
example write a JavaScript that is a newer and improved version of
another developers's code (Wahey! Another getElementsByClassName()!)

These links could be followed by a scanner tool and allow you to keep
up-to-date on the progression of the meme, make sure people can also
read the older blog posts or go to the other permutations of the same



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