[uf-discuss] Size considerations (or how to choose abbreviations)

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>> >I think comparing geo and sci, etc. is not a great example as I think
>> >geo can be thought of as a well known abbreviation.
>> Yes, it clearly identifies rocks, to geologists ;-)
>> But seriously, do you really think it's well known, outside of the "web
>> 2.0" community?
>I might poll some people round the office (where most people's
>primiary interests biology, conservation and ecology) and see what
>they think. I'm going to make a guess that they'll say "geography" or

I hope you don't conduct all your experiments with such built in bias
;-) What about asking some non-scientists? And some people called

A Google search for "geo" has just returned, in the top five results,
none with the meaning "geograph*"

An eBay search finds "Geo V" coins and stamps and "Geo III" silver.

Wikipedia <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geo> also has a number of other
non-geographical uses.

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