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>A classic example of one of the differences between plants and species
>is that of the Potato (Solanum tuberosum). Now, Solanum tuberosum is a
>species. Most of the potatos you buy in shops are Solanum tuberosum.

All are, surely (unless you're including "sweet potato", Ipomoea

>You may have noticed noticed the numerous types of potato you can buy.
>These are *varieties*, not species couldn't be accurately marked up
>within a species uF.

This is catered for, in the current proposal, thus:

        <span class="biota"> [1]
           <abbr class="binominal" title="Solanum tuberosum">
              <span class="variety"> [2]
                Maris Piper

[1] assuming "biota" as the parent category.

[2] assuming the abbreviation "var" is not used.

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