[uf-discuss] species questions; process: examples questions

Benjamin West bewest at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 13:07:45 PDT 2006

> I'm not clear what you're asking for - pages that already use a
> microformat that doesn't yet exist?
I'm asking for an analysis of how species are being published.

> >How does the proposal reflect existing publishing behaviour?
> It reflects current publishing practice as precisely and completely as
> possible ...
I'm still wondering how it does so.

> It provides classes which have a 1-1 relationship with the attributes of
> living things, as used in taxonomy, and as expressed taxonomically, on
> the websites quoted.
Naming is one part.  Structure is another.  I'm not seeing anything
actually published that resembles the structure proposed.  How did you
arrive at the structure being proposed?

These two still remain and are, in my estimation, more important than
the how the proposal reflects publishing, because I believe the
following is a pre-requisite to creating a proposal:
* Where is the analysis for many of the examples' markup?
* Where is the list of common publishing behaviours?


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