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>My main concern is that none of
>the examples (that I've looked through so far), with the exception of
>Andy's site, use any markup that looks anything like this.

I'm not clear what you're asking for - pages that already use a
microformat that doesn't yet exist?

>How does the proposal reflect existing publishing behaviour?

It reflects current publishing practice as precisely and completely as
possible (given that there are some arcane corners of taxonomy with
which I am not familiar, and where I have been unable to acquire advice
from the relevant experts).

>As far as I can tell, the current strawman proposal doesn't seem to
>reflect existing publishing practices.

It provides classes which have a 1-1 relationship with the attributes of
living things, as used in taxonomy, and as expressed taxonomically, on
the websites quoted.

It also provides straightforward mechanism for the addition of basic
taxonomic data (chiefly, binomial names) to those pages which currently
only use their (exact) vernacular name equivalents.

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