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Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 18:04:09 PDT 2006

Wanted to suggest an idea to promote learning-over-time and adding
value to the list and IRC archives (I'd have created a few examples to
demonstrate, but copy-paste and linking isn't convenient on the
Blackberry yet).

Anyway, at key decision points or to illuminate certain seemingly
arbitrary practices, it would be useful to link into the list or irc
archives from the wiki. In some places, I recall that that's been
done, but the corollary to these references is to extract a series of
"Best of..." references for each format... To avoid rehashing
discussions over and over again.

So, I might proposing using best-of-hcard as the page name and collect
valuable references from the list, irc and perhaps even blogs or
elsewhere that have been formative in driving us to where we are with
each format. Such references would essentially represent the lifeline
or lifecycle of each format, helping thos who are new or want to
suggest a new "feature" a historical framework from which to evaluate
their suggestion.

Anyway, sorry to ramble -- it's cold out here at the Bridge School
Benefit Concert (and I'm even lamer for emailing while here. Heh.)


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